Healthcare Leadership Development


Your Partners in Organizational Leadership Development

Our commitment to the broader development of organizational leadership capacity across the health care system is one of the key distinguishing features of the Legacy brand. The Healthcare Leadership Practice believes in the vital importance of investment in human resource capital as the key to sustained performance improvement, organizational health and effectiveness and long-term success.

We are able to provide a suite of consultancy services which will support development activities at the individual, team and organization-wide levels. The suite of consultancy services can support organizational design, team collaboration and performance improvement activities and is intended to complement executive search recruitment activities, thus supporting a streamlined and cohesive organizational development strategy. The following consultancy services are available:-

Organizational Design

  • Review and redesign of structures
  • Role clarity and job profiling
  • Goal alignment

Leadership Development and Coaching

  • Executive coaching
  • Performance review
  • Career planning

Team Development and Collaboration

  • Senior leadership team
  • Board development
  • Intra-organizational teamwork
  • Inter-organizational collaboration

Strategic Thinking and Planning

  • Assessing strategic thinking capacity
  • Developing strategic thinking techniques

Change Management

  • Project management
  • Benefits realization
  • Effective decision making
  • Communications strategies


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